Is It a Toothache or Sinus Pressure

Is It a Toothache or Sinus Pressure
If you have ever suffered from oral pain at the same time you have experienced allergies or sinus issues, you have likely wondered, “Is it a toothache or sinus pressure?” If this is the case, you are not alone. Thousands of people wonder that same question everyRead more

Why The General Dentist Is A Quarterback

Taking care of oral health can be one of the most important things an individual does for their overall health, and it is just another reason why the general dentist is a quarterback you need on your team. While the comparison may seem a little odd, itRead more

Oral Cancer Prevention and Detection by Dentist

With more than fifty thousand Americans predicted to be diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer in 2019, dentists have become key players in cancer prevention and detection. The early detection of these types of cancer can result in a five-year survival rate of approximately eighty percent. However,Read more

Open Letter From Dr. Paul’s Office

An Update: COVID-19 practices at your dental office Dearest Patient, We hope that this post finds you and your families well! We wanted to send out an update regarding our continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic. First, a big THANK YOU to you! We’ve been so incredibly

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